What is Your Doctor Teaching YOU?


From the Latin word, Docere, Doctor literally means, "to teach".

So, What is YOUR Doctor teaching YOU??!!


Is your Doctor explaining to you how the human body works, in relation to the illness, injury, dis-ease or symptoms you present with, in a way that makes sense to YOU?


Is you Doctor making sure you have an understanding of chemicals and the impact nutrition has on your health and healing?


Is your Doctor demonstrating their desire to be of service to you, by answering all of your questions so that YOU can make the best choice for you and your family?


Today's "health care system" is just not designed for doctors to be able to teach, to educate, to truly be of service-which is why doctors become doctors- leaving you to figure it out on your own. With over 5 Million websites about health, where do you begin? Who/what can you trust?


As a medical Consultant, It is my intention to teach. To teach you, the fundamentals of how your body works, and why your body is experiencing dis-ease. Whether your symptoms are rooted in a physical issue, a chemical/nutritional issue, an emotional or spiritual issue. YOU deserve to have accurate information to make informed decisions, along with expert guidance you can count on, to be with you for each step in your process of health, healing and wellness.


If you are facing a health matter that just doesn't seem to be resolving completely, or if you are experiencing emotional overload, frustration or uncertainty about any health issue, I am here for you.


You may reach me at 310.529.7558



Loving you on your journey towards health,
Dr. Natacha Nelson, DC MA

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