Extortion cannot exist if you are not afraid

January 26, 2017


What insecurity(or fear) are you trying to hide-


At what lengths would you go to defend the image you have created to protect your insecurities and your fears? 

You know the one... The deep fear you have about yourself not being "good enough", not being "successful enough", not being "valuable enough", not being "loveable enough"?

If you are honest, your insecurity is not making you angry. Your insecurity scares the S**t out of you!! Your insecurity is threatening to come out and expose you -in public -at any moment. And THAT is what you are afraid of, and THAT is fear extorting you.

So, what would you DO in order to keep your secret SECRET?

Would you be willing to lose your family and important relationships? What about exchanging your health for it? Your career, all of your money? How about your life,would you be willing to lose your life to ensure your secret never be made public?

The resources you use; your money, your time, your blood, sweat and tear equity are all part of your life force energy, your currency. The price you pay to hide, protect your image, keep up appearances and pretend you are not scared. 

And when the payment demands for your secrets becomes more than what you have to give, then what.....


You finally face the fear and wrestle with the parasitic insecurity that is extorting you.

 I experienced this confrontation, personally and professionally, in stages over the past 5 years. Have you noticed my willingness to share all of what seemed too scary to share before? I no longer fear feeling judged, ridiculed or exposed for my "mistakes". I choose, every day, to no longer allow my fears and insecurities to determine WHO I will be or HOW I will show up. I get to freely show up as ME. Just me, no facade, no need to hide any parts. Sometimes, it still feels uncomfortable, AND it is freeing.


Your image of "success". Success as a parent, as a friend and partner, as a business owner/entrepreneur, as an athlete, as an activist, as a (whatever title your degree tells you), as a perfectionist, as a fighter, as a survivor. It is this image, that you hold of yourself, that you use to keep yourself in hiding. When it is gone, YOU, too, are free to show up.

This YOU... has the ability to acknowledge, heal and share at the deepest levels, has the courage to ask for help. And this YOU, has the capacity for Love, Kindness and Compassion not yet experienced. This YOU is powerful, without needing to be forceful.


Have the courage to live as a parent without any fear of being ridiculed. Have the courage to live as a spouse/partner without any fear of being shamed. Have the courage to live as an entrepreneur, advocate or any other title without any fear of being exposed. Live without the need to hide your insecurities or your fears. Have them, feel them, share them, then release them.


If you no longer want to live with the fear of being exposed, ridiculed, shamed or judged- when the extortion costs of staying in hiding is too much- you don't need to go the path of the unknown alone. 'I got you', just ask. 

Schedule your discovery session with me and Discover WHO you really are.




You are magnificent, You ARE loved,


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