Living Through Earthquakes and Aftershocks

January 4, 2017

Earthquakes and Aftershocks:

I was living in Silicon Valley when the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit in 1989. Carrying with it enough force to collapse freeways and bridges in the Bay, even postpone the World Series.

The year following, aftershocks were common. The undercurrent of unease, discomfort and fear were palpable, although by all appearances, life seemed to have returned to "normal".

That was 28 years ago. I still keep a stash of bottled water and dried food goods, because living in California means quakes are just part of the deal-like it or not.

2016 exposed us to a different kind of quake. One that affected me deeply and personally. I experienced issues affecting my body/health, the loss of my 18 year business/financial stability and at times the loss of what I valued most about myself-my deep inner drive to take on life to survive.

Part of the deal of being human is that life's infrastructures will come down, shifting the landscapes, and leaving the ground -believed to be solid- beneath us unstable; making us humans feel uncomfortable, uncertain and out of control.

Some perspective now on the Quake of 1989 and the "Quake" of 2016 is that Who I was then is the same as Who I am now. How I look may be different now. How I am may seem different now. What I do may be different now. But WHO I AM, my Real, Most Authentic Self, is the same today as It was yesterday, in 2016, in 1989 and well before that.

And when you are awake at 5:00 am, when the stillness surrounds you, You will know that You are still YOU too. Your Essential You-Your Inner Essence-is still with you, Unchanged. No matter what quakes you, too, have experienced.

With the possibility of aftershocks lurking, you may feel the need to "proceed with caution" into 2017, feeling disoriented and uncertain. But know, with absolute certainty, that Who you are now - Who we all Are- is more than enough to provide us with the structure and stability we need to step forward. Step with courage and with confidence. Your Essential YOU is the unwavering foundation that no earthquake has the power to destroy, topple, or alter.

I welcome this New Year with YOU,

I would love to hear more from you as to how you are feeling entering this New Year.


Love, gratitude and blessings ahead,

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