NEVER, EVER set goals or resolutions again!!

December 7, 2016

NEVER, NEVER EVER Set goals and resolutions again!!...


They don't work... In your gut, you already knew that. BUT to admit it, Yikes! that may feel..well...blasphemous...We are, after all, human beings programmed to DO more, to BE more , to GO for more, to GET more...right? 

Have you ever wondered why goals and resolutions feel uncomfortable to set and even worse to actually keep?

Because every goal and resolution uttered is an act of violence against yourself!
Setting goals and resolutions puts focus on what you do NOT have, what you ARE not, what you are MISSING, what you NEED to get, or DO or become-in order to be somehow ...better. 
And it is this fundamental act, of buying into the belief that you are somehow flawed, bad, wrong, deficient, unworthy or unlovable-in any way-that is the violent act you commit against yourself.

18 years in practice, the most common goal I hear from patients is to be pain free and have more energy. More energy is at the core of every health or body changing resolution/goal. When I probe deeper, what patients really want (what we all want) is the energy to feel free to do what you want. To DO and BE the person -deep in our heart -you know you are.

 What we all desire most is to fully and freely express WHO we truly are-To BE and EXPERIENCE our most Authentic Self.

Think about it, goals/ resolution regarding health and body is for the energy to say, "YES" to your life. Whether taking a new class, beginning a deeply personal project or making the commute to see a dear friend after work.


 Or maybe, it's about having the energy to say, "NO". To no longer feeling forced to do that which you do not want to do. Actions that you no longer wish to participate in, but have not had the energy to have the difficult conversation. Feeling, "too tired to deal with it/them".

So what does really work to inspire us to create changes in life, to take us in a direction we want to move in?... INTENTIONS!!!

The premise of an intention is completely different from a goal or resolution-although at first glance they may seem the same.

An intention is set in motion from the premise that what we are looking for is not something from the outside that we do not have. An intention may be a person, place, thing or situation that allows you to express WHO and WHAT you already know yourself to be-the kind and loving person you already are.

Want a new job...why?
Chances are, you are desiring an environment to express the gifts and talents that are already in you, just waiting to be set free.

Wanting better relationships... or are you really seeking a person that you feel freely able to express yourself to, fully giving all the love in you that feels locked up in your heart with no place to go? This could be a friend, a child or a partner. Our human desire to express and give the love we already have IS universal and IS the strongest urge on the planet-It is to love others as well as ourselves.

Setting intentions is the human need to give your gifts, offer your talents and share your love-The love which you already have and ARE. No need to go looking for something you already have-only to freely express and let it ALL out.

Goal and resolutions suck the life force energy from you every time you think about what you "should or ought" to do, reaffirming the belief that there is something wrong, bad or flawed with you-and that simply isn't true. 

Intentions are life affirming- working to bring forth what already exists in you, that simply hasn't had the opportunity to be given, released and set free.

This holiday season, 
Know that WHO you are is magnificent, beautiful, amazing, perfect and completely LOVABLE, just as you are.
You are loved, 




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