First Step Towards Healing and Change

July 10, 2016

Let's talk about it...RACE ! Yep, I said it...AND it is freeing


Growing up Bi-racial, I have had the privileged to hear the deepest hopes & dreams, fears & disappointments from my white mom and my black dad.

My intention with this letter is to offer a place to begin. All beginnings start with a small step forward. But, what exactly does that look like?


Jasmine, my 7-year old, asks endless questions of about life in her attempt to understand what appears to be different-my skin color, her skin color, and everything that, as adults, we have been conditioned to believe it is rude or wrong to ask. Too "politically incorrect" or "Taboo". I answer her every question, with honesty, and to the best of my ability. She is curious and in no way malicious in her intention to know about how we are different. 


What happens when a 25 or 50 year old person asks these kinds of questions? Are they met with the love and kindness of a mother wanting to teach their child about how we are alike and different? I can't say. But for race ( and other differences) to be equal, they must first be acknowledged and understood. And that starts with individuals feeling they have permission to ask questions of another, as well as open to answer questions to another.


If you were guaranteed that kind of sacred space to ask anything of someone of a different race, would you? 


Well, here is your chance-my offering. To have the hard conversations, I believe, we can just start with something small. With NO judgement or criticism, NO blame, and NO shame, just a place to start.


" Do I need to wear sunscreen when I play in the sun?"

" How do I detangle my hair, and can you touch it?"


Ask me, anything, really...NOTHING is off limits, too mundane, too politically incorrect or wrong. An honest question, with the intention of knowing another person, leads to understanding, compassion and empathy. This is how we begin, how we begin to usher in change. Seemingly small questions matter, they lead to quantum healing, questions are an act of caring and love.


When was the last time you had an unhurried, un-distracted, deep, honest, heart to heart conversation with someone of a different race... about race? But not just race...any issue that involves differences. 


Call me (310-529-7558), email me, drop by in person, I welcome your questions, I honor you for having the courage to take a step closer.


With unconditional love and gratitude,


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