Mental Health & Emotional Wellness Coaching



Emotional Distress, fear, and uncertainty contribute to depression, anxiety, and addictions; as unprecedented rising levels indicate. When people search for ways to feel in control, in chaotic surroundings, destructive behaviors surface.


"Finding the Courage to Let You Out" Individual and group programs are intentionally designed to educate and support emotional healing. Combining practical fundamental skills, with experiential learning processes to integrate understanding and resolution.


"Finding Courage... " services provide education and loving support to increase confidence to change behaviors no longer working for you.


If you look up the word "Psyche" in the dictionary, you'll find, "Breath, a principle of life, soul". But if you look up Psychology, you'll find, "The science of mind and behavior". Somehow, in the translation from essence to practice, the most important aspect of "Psyche" has been lost.  Mental/Emotional Health and Wellness, requires healing at all levels. Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

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