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Finding the Courage to Let YOU Out!


a New Seminar by the author, Dr. Natacha Nelson





Natacha Nelson, DC, MA has dedicated her career to understanding the connections between physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being through principles of Chiropractic and Spiritual Psychology. For twenty years, she has worked in private practice, helping thousands of patients understand and care for their body and health.


She lives in Los Angeles, with her daughter, where she continues her work as a Mental Health and Wellness consultant and educator. email  for more information on developing your personal or professional Mental Health and Wellness Program.



"The Spiritual Meaning of Physical Dis-ease"


"What if the injury, illness, symptom, or dis-ease you are experiencing is not happening TO YOU, but rather FOR YOU?"

What could it mean for you, if you looked at your physical body through the lens of your Souls perspective?

If you are exploring questions like: "What is this illness, injury or disease here to teach me?" or "In what way can I use this experience to guide me toward a more fulfilling life?" This course is for you.


Discover a newly inspired relationship with your body. Explore the wonder and awe of what your body does every day, and is capable of doing.  From allergies to Cancer, your Soul is offering you an opportunity to learn.


We will dive into the seven Chakras, the associated Anatomy and corresponding emotional issues, where healing at the cellular level may begin.

Color Outside the Lines

"When an event, situation or experience feels too big,

too much for words."

While talking through an issue that hurts can bring resolutions that heal, sometimes the mind just isn't ready to share, out loud, with another person.

Experience the healing balm of love in the places of your heart that hurt, through guided free form writing exercises and lots of coloring activities.


This workshop is designed  for you to bring to the surface, any issue that YOU feel comfortable addressing, to the degree YOU feel comfortable with, with NO need to share with anyone. Surround yourself with the Spirits Loving Energy, and others working simultaneously for the purpose of healing.

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