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Dr Natacha Nelson Chiropractic practice is a subluxation based, family Chiropractic wellness office. She uses the practice Diversified Adjusting Techniques  for the release and correction of physical misalignments in the joints of the vertebrae.


She believes these misalignments (Subluxations) are the physical  interference of our body's ability to communicate. Physical communication happens from the brain down the spinal column out each nerve to every cell in our body. Any interference will diminish the vital communication between the brain and the body at the cellular level.


It is the fundamental belief that by releasing any pressure or interference on any portion of any nerve will increase the energy flow to the cells, allowing the body the opportunity to heal and repair to the best of its ability at that time. It is Dr Nelsons philosophy that every person, from children to the elderly benefit from regular Chiropractic care and that one does not need to be in pain to begin.

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