ADDICTION. Doesn’t discriminate.ANXIETY. Indifferent to credentials and achievements.
DEPRESSION. Blind to where you live.

By: Dr. Natacha D. Nelson D.C, M.A.

“Look at you, your parents should be disgusted by you”, voices whispered solely for my ears.

“Your black daddy and your white mommy should be ashamed, to get married,...

NEVER, NEVER EVER Set goals and resolutions again!!...

They don't work... In your gut, you already knew that. BUT to admit it, Yikes! that may feel..well...blasphemous...We are, after all, human beings programmed to DO more, to BE more , to GO for more, to GET more...right? 

Have you ever wondered why goals and resolutions feel uncomfortable to set and eve...

Let's talk about it...RACE ! Yep, I said it...AND it is freeing

Growing up Bi-racial, I have had the privileged to hear the deepest hopes & dreams, fears & disappointments from my white mom and my black dad.

My intention with this letter is to offer a place to begin. All beginnings start with a small step forward. But, what exactly does that l...

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