ADDICTION. Doesn’t discriminate.ANXIETY. Indifferent to credentials and achievements.
DEPRESSION. Blind to where you live.

By: Dr. Natacha D. Nelson D.C, M.A.

“Look at you, your parents should be disgusted by you”, voices whispered solely for my ears.

“Your black daddy and your white mommy should be ashamed, to get married,...

It is Okay to feel afraid.

 I know I do. It's a part of being human.

As I sit in silence, the stillness leaves me wondering what to do moving forward. I know that to understand where we are now, I need to go back and look at what brought us to this place of hostility and rage.

For me, when 9/11 happened, I felt helpless and looked to the government to deal...

From the Latin word, Docere, Doctor literally means, "to teach".

So, What is YOUR Doctor teaching YOU??!!

Is your Doctor explaining to you how the human body works, in relation to the illness, injury, dis-ease or symptoms you present with, in a way that makes sense to YOU?

Is you Doctor making sure you have an understanding of chemicals and the impact nutrit...

Oxford definition: A positive feeling gained from a belief in your own ability to do things well.

Babies are born with a clear understanding of WHO they are-Spirit Beings, connected to the big, Life Force Energy of the Universe.

Then, at some point-maybe a day, maybe years- we become aware that we are Human beings and our confidence waivers. Our ability...

What insecurity(or fear) are you trying to hide-


At what lengths would you go to defend the image you have created to protect your insecurities and your fears? 

You know the one... The deep fear you have about yourself not being "good enough", not being "successful enough", not being "valuable enough", not being "loveable enough"?

If y...

Earthquakes and Aftershocks:

I was living in Silicon Valley when the Loma Prieta Earthquake hit in 1989. Carrying with it enough force to collapse freeways and bridges in the Bay, even postpone the World Series.

The year following, aftershocks were common. The undercurrent of unease, discomfort and fear were palpable, although by all appearances, life se...

NEVER, NEVER EVER Set goals and resolutions again!!...

They don't work... In your gut, you already knew that. BUT to admit it, Yikes! that may feel..well...blasphemous...We are, after all, human beings programmed to DO more, to BE more , to GO for more, to GET more...right? 

Have you ever wondered why goals and resolutions feel uncomfortable to set and eve...

The body does not have a mind of its own, it obediently follows directions from its master-YOUR MIND.

In order for healing to begin, for dis-ease to be addressed, the mind must also undergo healing.

In this Conscious Health and Healing, coloring workshop, I will guide you through the process of  select writing exercises, combined with coloring, to maximize...

Let's talk about it...RACE ! Yep, I said it...AND it is freeing

Growing up Bi-racial, I have had the privileged to hear the deepest hopes & dreams, fears & disappointments from my white mom and my black dad.

My intention with this letter is to offer a place to begin. All beginnings start with a small step forward. But, what exactly does that l...


The birth process may be one of the most traumatic events in our entire life.


Even during the most "natural" birthing methods used today, stress to a still developing spine can and does occur.  Difficult deliveries, the use of forceps to extract the child, compound the problems and many times damage (tear) the muscles of the neck and severely damage the...

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